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If you would like more information on various environmental education opportunities, the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE) has a tremendous directory of environmental education programs that exist throughout the state.

Additionally, CAEE has an interactive map feature called “Tools and Resources for Environmental Education” (TREE) which allows you to search which environmental education programs are closest to your community. 


Some local environmental organizations in the Denver area provide internships for high school students in order for them to get a head start on their careers.

The Denver Zoo offers jobs, internships and volunteer positions that involve working with wildlife such as seals, primates, carnivores, and other animals. Some of these opportunities include general care of the animals, including cleaning and preparing the animal’s meals.

If you are interested in lab-based environmental research, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers paid and unpaid internships for high school students. Internships include administrative/clerical positions, as well as technical positions in areas such as life sciences, program or policy analysis, and engineering. Students have the ability to intern with leading scientists, engineers, and other top professionals in the field to develop skills and enhance leadership capabilities.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science offers internships, as well as an annual Teen Science Scholar program. These programs allow high school and college students to gain hands-on experience in scientific research, collections/archives, office administration,  and community outreach. These programs are valuable stepping stones toward careers in the natural science fields. 

The Wilderness Society in Denver offers policy, communication, marketing, and digital internships throughout the year. These positions are unpaid, but are available for school credit. 


There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities with many organizations in the state of Colorado.

If you are interested in rocks, geographic mapping systems, or database maintenance, then the Colorado Geological Survey would be a great place to volunteer for this summer. They are always looking for volunteers, and it is easy to enroll!

If animals and state parks are more your thing, then the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) division offers great volunteering projects. As a CPW volunteer, you may be responsible for being an environmental steward, constructing/maintaining trails, leading workshops for the public as a naturalist, or transporting sick/injured wildlife. In addition, by being a volunteer you get a free state park pass, which lets you into any state park for free!

Water quality and safety are crucial to life here in the arid west. One such organization that helps to protect our water is the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB). The CWCB is in charge of protecting Colorado’s streams and lakes, flood mitigation, watershed protection, stream restoration, drought planning, water supply planning and water project financing. The CWCB maintains an active intern and volunteer program, which is a great path for students or others considering a career in water.

Other local non-profits offer volunteer positions which could help in gaining valuable experience and skills for life after high school. One such organization is The Butterfly Pavilion which is located in Westminster, CO. Known for being an invertebrate zoo, the Butterfly Pavilion offer many types of volunteer positions ranging from a Butterfly Ambassador, Water’s Edge Ambassador, or a Crawl-a-see-em Ambassador. They also offer internships throughout the year. 

In addition to offering internships the Denver Museum of Science and Nature also offers volunteer positions. The opportunities for volunteering at the museum range from being an interpreter, to a entomology collections assistant, to a paleobotany assistant. All of these positions would put you in contact with scientific professionals who are experts in their given fields.


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