Construction & Detours


Denver is starting the final paving project for the Sand Creek Greenway trail –  this is a long anticipated improvement that was outlined in the city’s master plan for the Greenway from 2016.

There have been several delays in the start of the project; a good way to see what’s been planned is on this page:

From the link above, check out the dropdown menu information under “Sand Creek Greenway” in the “Regional Trail Detours in Denver” section.

Quebec NOW OPEN! Late yesterday, we heard from the contractor working on required sewer pipe improvements: “The trail is permanently paved and opened. They should have everything tidied up completely by tomorrow.”

NOW OPEN! Trail closure around Bluff Lake at MLK

TRAIL CLOSURE: The MCA has closed a section of our Greenway east of Bluff Lake Nature Center near MLK and Moline to clear a hazard. They’ve built a detour around this closure so trail users can get around the fenced off area.

Closure will run through at least September 18, although if clean-up takes longer the detour stay in place until the area is resolved. A big thanks to the MCA for working closely with us on resolution of issues in this area. The affected land is managed by the MCA for the Park Creek Metro District, and they’re taking action to make the area safe for our trail users. THANK YOU!

Further issues in this area or on land managed by the MCA can be directed to Jack Seward, or 303-388-0724.We are grateful for our partnership with the MCA so we can work together on keeping the Greenway a great place for our community.

Reminder: if you see an issue of immediate safety or law enforcement concern, please call 911.

Issues that are not an immediate concern can be reported to law enforcement at the city–Commerce City, Denver, or Aurora.

It is always helpful to identify the exact location so the landowner can be identified and this will facilitate work on the issue. Put a pin on an online map and share–with the city, and with us. We’re happy to help you get your concern to the right place, and happy to report back to you on action taken. Contact our ED, Beth Nobles, at

Closure between Quebec and Central Park Blvd

A closure of the Greenway is coming up at the end of this week in Denver, and will require a detour through the Northfield neighborhood. This closure and detour is related to work on I-70, and will be in effect for 3-4 weeks.

While our organization and the City and County of Denver lobbied for a shorter detour, the parameters of the project required the Northfield detour for the safety of trail users.

From the contractor:

“The Sand Creek Trail will be closed temporarily for construction as the Central 70 Project replaces the storm sewer infrastructure crossing under the trail. The work will occur directly NE of the Quebec Bridge over I-70. During this trail closure, trail users can detour on the west side to the north following the trail along Quebec Street towards the Northfield Shopping Center or from the east side north on Central Park towards the Northfield Shopping Center. Users can still access the “Y” in the trail allowing them to head under the Quebec Bridge over Sand Creek.”

“The construction occurring during the trail closure will replace old and failing storm sewer infrastructure. The new storm sewer components installed will have more capacity for stormwater, reducing flooding impacts to the trail, as well as eliminating standing water around the trail crossing.”

We know many of you rely on the Greenway to get to work, school, shopping, recreation and church, and any closure and detour represents an inconvenience. The work required by this detour will benefit the trail, as it will prevent future flooding across the trail.

New trail surface around the pond project west of Central Park Blvd bridge

After a Year, the Trail Reopens!

After almost a year, the Quebec to Central Park Blvd Bridge segment of our Greenway in Denver reopened on May 22, and immediately trail users walked, bicycled and ran to the area to see the water control pond and new trail surfaces in that section.

The project was approved seven years ago. It will take some time before landscaping work is completed, so more improvements are coming. Until new plants can take hold, we ask everyone to keep to the designated trail surfaces.

New Reopening Date for Quebec Closure

April 30–We learned yesterday that the reopening date for the long closure from Quebec to Central Park Blvd bridge has been changed to May 13 or 14. While the closure has been necessary to build an important flood damage prevention project, we will be happy to finally have this key stretch of the Greenway open again.

Temporary Closure at Brighton Blvd–April 3rd

Xcel Energy will be performing utility work at Brighton Blvd. and Interstate 270 on Friday April 3rd. Their work will take place during the night starting Friday night at 9pm and will be complete Saturday morning at 9am. The trail will still need to be closed during this time.

Quick updates on existing closures:

As of 2/28/2020:

The projected reopening date for Quebec Street to Central Park Blvd bridge in Denver is now April 10.

The temporary trail closure for Quebec Street to the Commerce City city line is still allowing pass-through traffic by bicyclists and pedestrians.

As we learn more about these closures, we will post them here.

Update on Temporary Trail Closure in Denver – Quebec to Commerce City city line

UPDATE: February 19–“Due to the snow and the inability to access and remove all of the debris in these areas, a full assessment of the environmental impact the camping has had in the area has not been able to occur. The closure time line after the cleaning is solely dependent on all required actions to abate any discovered issues and the required time to allow the area to recover.” DPHE, Matthew Wilmes, told us this morning. We’ll continue to keep in touch with the officials involved in assessment and cleanup and will update you as we learn more.

UPDATE: February 10 — This morning, we received notice from Denver Department of Public Health & Environment that this closure has been amended to ALLOW through traffic on the Greenway. This is great news as it will allow for assessment and cleanup on the trail to continue, but will also accommodate trail users who use the Greenway for recreational use, or as a transportation venue. Short stops to rest or repair a bike tire will be allowed, however lengthy stops on this section of the Greenway will not be allowed.
Detour closure map for Winter Bike to Work Day Feb 2020Download

February 4 — This morning, we received notice from Denver Department of Public Health & Environment (DDPHE) about a temporary closure of the Greenway from the Commerce City line to Quebec Street. (The Greenway has been closed from Quebec to Central Park bridge for a large flood mitigation construction project since June.)

The notice reads:

” The Executive Director of the Department of Public Health & Environment for the City and County of Denver has found that the Area defined below presents public and environmental health risks due to unsafe conditions associated with pest activity, harborage conditions, human waste, and trash accumulation. The Area shall remain temporarily ACCESS RESTRICTED for purposes of cleaning and abatement. The “Area” means the public rights‐of‐way, including adjoining sidewalks, embankments along Sand Creek, as well as posted areas of open space within the Sand Creek Area. This includes areas posted adjacent to 49th Ave, 47th Ave, Sand Creek Drive, Quebec Street, I-270, and I-70 respectively. “ACCESS RESTRICTED” means the public rights of way and areas identified above immediately surrounding and within the defined Sand Creek Area shall remain unencumbered and unoccupied for any purpose other than passing through or waiting for public transit at a transit pick‐up location. The areas posted are temporarily CLOSED until further notice and only accessible for municipal employees and their designees for purposes of assessment, cleaning, and abatement. This Order is effective until written release is documented by, and placard removed by, a representative of the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment ‐ Public Health Investigations Division. Questions can be directed to the agency contact information above.”

We’ve been advised that it may take several weeks to complete the process of assessing and then appropriately cleaning up the areas of concern.

We know many of you have been concerned about that area, and we’ve shared those concerns with the city. We look forward to a speedy resolution of the issues so the area, and the trail can be reopened as the earliest possible date. (See below for our protocol for reporting trail concerns.)

When trail users find conditions that concern them, we ask that they follow this protocol based on the location:

If there is an immediate threat, please call 911.

In Aurora, non-emergency concerns can be reported here:

In Denver, call 311.

In Commerce City, other non-emergency concerns can be reported here:

We ask trail users to inform us as well. We try to research the concern and get back to the trail user about the status of the concern (and hopefully action/resolution)  by the city.  Please email after you’ve reported your concern, so we can help support your concern, and get a report on resolution.

Morrison Nature Center closed February 4 – March 3

Trails will remain OPEN through this closure for interior renovations of the Morrison Nature Center at Star K Ranch. More information is available at this link.

New Detour
January 2020 – Sand Creek Park in Aurora

A project to prevent flood damage to homes and businesses is underway in Aurora, and the Greenway at Sand Creek Park will be impacted for about six weeks. Read more.

December 2019–Quebec to Central Park Blvd Bridge
THIS CLOSURE IS STILL IN EFFECT – Expected reopen date Feb/March 2020

Expected trail reopen date–February/March 2020.

Map of detour from Quebec to Central Park Blvd Bridge

UPDATE/December 4: This project is now expected to be completed and the trail reopened February/March. We can’t wait for the trail to be open again, as we know many of you rely on the trail for transportation and recreation; and we look forward to rescheduling our public programs that had to be cancelled because of the construction.

On June 3, Sand Creek Greenway staff was alerted that a trail closure of up to 10 weeks was required for a water control construction project. The closure is expected to begin June 10, and will affect the trail in Denver from Quebec to Central Park Blvd bridge. The presence of heavy equipment makes the existing Greenway trail dangerous for trail users during the construction project. We will post any changes to this plan, and we hope the closure will be shorter than expected. Current date to reopen the trail is October 25.

November 2019–Bank repair in Denver is done!

Markers in Sand Creek indicate the location of bank repair to secure safety for trail users and prevent further erosion of the bank, bridge supports and riparian areas

August 20, 2019 Starting next week, a project to correct damage by earlier flood events will begin under the bridge by the Smith Road trail head and the confluence of Westerly and Sand Creeks in Denver.

Our thanks to the teams of Denver Parks and Recreation for their care with this critical project. Wildlife specialists will be engaged before the project begins to consult on any relocation work that might need to be completed, and at the end of the project the rock/chain link bank barriers will be replaced with native seeding and willow transplants. The riparian areas will be restored back to pre-flood condition after landscaping work this fall.

During the approximately month-long project, the our Sand Creek Greenway trail will REMAIN OPEN, as will the Smith Road trail head parking lot. Two areas closest to the northern bank of Sand Creek by the bridge will be fenced off for safety during the construction and landscape work.

Trail users will see an inflated bladder dam placed in Sand Creek to facilitate the reconstruction of the creek bank; and should be able to watch the progress of the project from the bridge over Sand Creek.

November 2019 — MLK Road Construction detour continues

Update, December 2019: Detours will be in place, and may change frequently until the end of the project. The project is due to be completed in March 2020. For additional information please see this link to the CCD’s DPW project page (click here)

Trail users will be rerouted around Bluff Lake Nature Center with varying paths as the construction continues–be aware of changes in signage. As of 8/9/19, this is the detour map that was provided by the contractor, which allows for trail users to travel south of Martin Luther King Blvd. We expect the detour to shift periodically over the project, and will post all updates we receive from the contractor.


April 2019

UPDATE August 2019: This closure is no longer in effect. The trail is open.

An extended closure of Sand Creek Greenway of up to eight weeks (between Chambers and Airport through Star K Ranch) is necessary for the replacement of sanitary pipe by Aurora Water. As soon as we know the actual dates of closure, we’ll post them here and share them through social media.

Our thanks to the staff of Aurora Parks, Recreation & Open Space for keeping the Morrison Nature Center and the Wetland Loop trail open to the public during this lengthy closure.

February 2019

Update: February 15

The new temporary crusher fines surface has been put down!

Following a trail user concern, our friends with Mortenson shared this update regarding the trail underneath Peoria near the Aurora/Denver line:

“We just finished up the storm outfall and will begin to stabilize the area, to include crusher fines where the trail was. We have maintained it and kept access open as best we can during construction operations and the weather hasn’t been helping us. …..will make sure that we get it cleaned up as soon as possible and regraded, definitely by Winter Bike to Work Day.”

We have also learned that a long-planned project to construct a water quality pond has started. It is located just west of the Central Park Boulevard bridge. When needed to accommodate construction, a detour will be constructed for trail users.

December 2018

Our friends at Mortenson alerted us that during the week of December 10, there will be some construction under Peoria at the border between Aurora and Denver on our Greenway to install a storm main. This is the area affected. Mortenson tells us the trail will not be closed during this time, and will provide a way for bicyclists and other trail users to get around the construction.

November 2018

As the Martin Luther King Blvd project moves into high gear, there’s good news for long-term improvement of our Greenway between Bluff Lake Nature Center and the border (under Peoria Ave.) between Denver and Aurora. Here’s a summary of the work to be done, from Mortenson.

In addition
Our friends at Mortenson alerted us there may be construction activity on the Denver portion of the Greenway on November 12, as they repair some limited areas of trail surface near the Central Park Blvd bridge.  The trail will NOT be closed, but it may be flagged and there may be very minor detours while work is taking place.

July 2018

Another alert for the Central Park Blvd bridge area in the Denver portion of our Greenway. We were informed that a concrete pump set up on the trail on 7/16/18 under the bridge deck at Central Park Blvd and the Greenway.  The pump will be in place from 2:00am – 2:00pm.  Flaggers will be on site stopping trail users until it is safe for them to cross.

Thanks to our friends at Mortenson for advance notice of this trail delay!

June 2018

AURORA: (June 1) we just heard of a closure at Airport Road, the result of utility work, and we’re trying to learn more about this and how long the trail might be closed. Stay tuned and check our social media channels for updates.

UPDATE: 6/5/2018, from Aurora Parks and Open Space

“Aurora Water is installing bypass pipe so they can re-line the sewer line from Colfax to Airport through the Sand Creek corridor.  Sewer line is north and east of trail.  Closures should be temporary (i.e. less than an hour).  They will have a flagger to help trail users get by while they bury pipe under the trail.  Their bypass starts at a manhole on the south side of Colfax east of the drive into the trailhead site.  You may see some pipe laying there for a day or two before they start connecting it.  From that manhole, the line will run west under the bridge over Sand Creek and then north along the trail.”

DENVER: Notice from our friends at Mortenson, regarding the area around Central Park Blvd bridge:

June 4-8

The sidewalks leading to the bridge will be closed down 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday.  From Mortenson: “Whenever we need to shutdown Smith Rd to do safety critical work, we also have to shut down the sidewalks. There are detours posted with the road closure signs but attached is a map that they can use.”

June 10

UPDATE: As of 6/7/18, this closure has been cancelled. Our Greenway trail under the bridge on the north side of the creek will be closed,  June 10 8:00pm – 5:00am.  From Mortenson: “Kraemer will be removing the crane pad dirt on the north side of the bridge. They will need to close down the trail that night.”

June 2

The western stretch of our Sand Creek Greenway in Commerce City is now paved and fully open! Landscaping work will continue in that area, but the trail is open and it is beautiful! Hearty thanks to our friends in the Parks and Recreation Department of Commerce City for their vision and hard work making this important enhancement to the Sand Creek Greenway. Now it is even easier getting to the South Platte!

Updated February 2018

Notice of temporary Greenway closure and a good story about cooperation: Monday, February 19, our Sand Creek Greenway will be closed at the Central Park Blvd bridge going over the trail from 8 pm to 5 am, in order to start construction on a new bridge. Representatives from Denver Parks and RecreationMortensen Construction, Inc. Kraemer North America and our Sand Creek Regional Greenway Partnership met yesterday to form a plan to accommodate construction schedule needs, but limit impact to trail users and to the riparian areas near the bridge. The end result to trail users: the trail will be closed for (very) limited number of nights starting at 8 pm over a several month period, and these nights will be posted on trail signs and on social media. (so stay tuned) This will avoid lengthy and unattractive trail detours during that time. In addition, there may be very short delays of less than 10 minutes during very limited periods. This will protect trail users, while keeping the Greenway open as much as possible. 

We thank our friends and partners at Denver Parks and Recreation, and new friends at Mortenson Construction and Kraemer North America for their cooperation on this important matter. We know our Greenway is a place for recreation, but it is also a way many of you get to work each day. Knowing ahead of time is critical for you. By working together, we can get this new bridge built and keep our Greenway open! Thanks to all for this great cooperative effort!

Image may contain: outdoor

Drainage/Diversion Structure Work

Map of affected area, please note: our trail is misnamed as “Colorado Front Range Trail” in this image.




Starting 4/9 for about a month in Denver, there will be trucks near the trail–but not blocking the trail–south of I-70 and east of Quebec. Work will begin on two “diversion structures,” commonly known as manholes or drainage structures. Insituform will be performing work on the drainage structures in the area.


FasTracks Light Rail Updates

RTD has COMPLETED several new FastTrack lines and the trails are now OPEN!

AURORA: The trails north of Fitzsimons Parkway are open.  The new Aurora R Line is running and all the trails in Sand Creek Park that were previously closed due to this construction are OPEN!

COMMERCE CITY: The N Line to Thornton is under construction.  Detours will be in place approximately .5 miles west of 64th Ave and Colorado Blvd (east of the Sand Creek confluence with the South Platte River along the O’Brian Canal) in Commerce City. Please follow all posted signs and speed limits.  Thank you!

Sand Creek Park July 2014 019

DENVER:  The A Line to Denver International Airport is OPEN!  The paved trail under the A Line and two Union Pacific railroad bridges is OPEN! Enjoy the ride!

Arsenal Connector Trail Detour

Construction is underway in the Beeler Park neighborhood east of Dicks Sporting Good Park. A DETOUR to the Arsenal Connector Trail will be in place during construction.

The detour runs through the Dicks Sporting Goods complex.

Click here to view a map of the detour.

Trail users are our eyes and ears on the Greenway. Please call us at (303) 468-3263 or send an email to if you have any issues, problems, or solutions. We love to hearing from you!


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The Sand Creek Regional Greenway is a jewel in the necklace of trails that has made Denver a national model for linked trail systems.

This 14-mile public greenway connects the High Line Canal in Aurora, Colorado with the South Platte River Greenway in Commerce City. Along the way, it passes through northeast Denver and the new Stapleton community.

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