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Deer at Star K RanchThe Sand Creek Regional Greenway is home to many unique plants and animals. Since we have water – Sand Creek – we attract wildlife to our Greenway.  We are a natural urban oasis in the middle of the bustling cities.  While biking on our 14-miles of trail, you may see all sorts of animals, plants, and insects.  Look for prairie dogs, red foxes, deer or jack rabbits!  For a full list of animal on the Greenway, click the Morrison Nature Center’s Wildlife Checklist  or check out the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division’s Species of Concern page.


The Greenway’s streambank (riparian) environment is the perfect habitat for many water fowl such as the Wood Duck, Snowy Egret, and Cinnamon Teal.  The Greenway also has raptors and other birds of prey such as Bald Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks, and Prairie Falcons.  Many birds can be seen year-round, and others during migratory times.  For more information on birds that can be seen along the Greenway, check out the  City of Aurora’s Wildlife Checklist  or Colorado’s Threatened Bird Species list.CoyoteAnimals on the Greenway, such as coyotes, are wild animals not pets.  There have been numerous coyote sightings along the trail in recent months.   If you encounter a coyote, you should take certain precautions outlined on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s “Living with Wildlife” webpage.  The City of Aurora Open Space and Natural Resources Division has also created a coyote safety video to inform citizens of the do’s and don’ts of dealing with coyotes.


If you are interested in native Colorado plants, the Sand Creek Regional Greenway has many unique plants! Due to the high plains prairie and riparian corridors that the Greenway offers, a variety of plants can thrive here.  Such vegetation includes Prickly-Pear Cacti, Cattails, Sunflowers, Coyote Willow, and Rabbitbrush.   For information on other plants, check out this plant checklist, which guarantees  Burrow owl in prarie dog holemore fun than just watching grass grow.  These plants will really grow on you!

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About the Greenway

The Sand Creek Regional Greenway is a jewel in the necklace of trails that has made Denver a national model for linked trail systems.

This 14-mile public greenway connects the High Line Canal in Aurora, Colorado with the South Platte River Greenway in Commerce City. Along the way, it passes through northeast Denver and the new Stapleton community.

The Sand Creek Regional Greenway is open every day from dawn until dusk. Runners, walkers, nature viewers, horseback riders, and leashed dogs are encouraged to enjoy the trail. We invite you to become acquainted with our wilderness in the city.


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